Saturday, February 5, 2011


A: George is filial. He just gave me RM200 for new year.

B: He only gives you once a year. If you divided by 12, you only get RM16 a month.

A: Better than none. Your sister does not give me a cent even though she's working already.

B: But George doesn't even come to visit you often. Sister stays here, buy you things and bring you everywhere.

A: You're the worst! I buy you your meal everyday. Your mom doesn't give me any money. Luckily, the one in Canada send money back once a year. Ah Pooi gives me allowance every month too.

B: Next time I'll see whether Ah Mei gives me money when she work.

C: How about I give you RM16 every month and you call me filial?

B: For all these years I raise you, you treat me like this?

C: It was all because my dad gave you money.